About us

Who we are?
The Gallo Store is a company dedicated to creating a new fashion concept based in our Mexico, generating a new visual identity that reflects culture, traditions, colors and textures.



 What is it made of?
The footwear are created from 100% leather ,cotton thread and variants, all materials are long-lasting.
Our clothing is 100% combed and ring-spun cotton and our printing technique is direct to garment



How are they made?
They are created by artesians following the original traditional footwear techniques but use modern designs created on the basis of the trends of the current fashion creating a combination of tradition and modern style.



Brand Clarity?

The Gallo Store is fully responsible for the shopping experience so any type of complaint, subjection or claims should only be consulted with The Gallo Store and with no one else.

The footwear contains an external brand of which The Gallo Store is only a reseller and DOES NOT HAVE ANY TYPE OF PROPERTY, RIGHTS OR ATTRIBUTIONS OF THE BRAND. our respect for them and their team.


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